People have been asking me how to recover solid wood floors, because over time these floors end up scratching and losing it’s natural shine, especially those areas that get under furniture or in high traffic areas.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing
Hardwood Floor Refinishing

It is common to find old apartments and houses with parquet floors or hardwood floors, most people look at that old finish floor full of dirt that has been accumulating under 500 of wax layers passed over the years and thinks: – I need to tear off the entire floor and replace it with a more “modern” look like a laminate floor.

Before this idea can cross your mind, wait! Do nothing and read this:

“It is possible to recover your wooden floor and make it brand new”

That’s the biggest advantage of solid wood flooring, after all, solid wood flooring is much more expensive than laminate flooring, it’s longer lasting, even if laminate flooring is more scratch resistant, real wood flooring can be renovated. , while the laminate once is damaged forget it, you will need to replace it.

What does it take to restore a wooden floor? It will depend on the damage of the floor, but if the case that is lack of shine, the accumulation of wax and scratches the solution is sanding.


There are hundreds of companies that do the sanding or what is called refinishing in houses and commercial buildings, on hardwood floors, in addition to sanding they apply polyurethane or varnish to make the floor look like new and protect it.

You may even find that beneath that dark, smudged floor is a light floor that has darkened over the years due to the application of dark varnish, or colored waxes. Incidentally, colored waxes are terrible.

Once my mother went to the market and distractedly bought a green wax instead of buying a colorless wax, I think it was from Tacolac – something like that – it was a very strong liquid wax, it stuck like a glue and to remove afterwards it was terrible, we got a week in the steel wool wax remover until all that green wax is removed. It is this kind of thing that makes the wooden floor wear.

My family has always move a lot, I don’t even know how many houses I’ve lived in since I was born, but whenever we bought a new house with a scratched floor , we hired a Hardwood Floor Refinishing company wixflooring to do the sanding and the floor was brand new, perfect, like it was. just placed.

If you are considering sanding or scraping your old floor I recommend, it is very worth it.

It used to be more work in the past, it made a terrible dust and it took a long time for the varnish to dry, but nowadays there are many companies that do dustless sanding and still apply the quick-drying varnish water based instead of oil based.

Wax or Varnish

After sanding the wood grains are open and it is exposed using a sealer is essential with resin, either wax or varnish.

Most people prefer the use of varnish also called polyurethane, as the wax does a certain job and requires constant removal and application, there are those who even varnishing the wood floor still apply wax, which is not necessary.


Bona has a great variety of products focused on the maintenance treatment and finishing of wood floors, but the strongest ones are its urethane, among the main ones is Bona Mega which is a water-based varnish that uses oxygen as a catalyst, after dry is 100% polyurethane. which gives it high strength.

Suitable for areas of normal, residential traffic, maintains the natural texture of wood and has no smell.

In addition, there is Bona Novia, which is the only EU environmental certified it does not contain, a component that can cause toxicity at high levels. Bona Novia has low odor and fast drying, suitable for residential and commercial environments with normal traffic.

And there is Bona Traffic that is designed for high traffic areas including sports courts, with greater resistance, has no odor, offers no risk of fire and is quick drying.

Bona maintains the natural texture of the wood and doesn’t turn yellow overtime, Bona has high gloss, satin and matte finish products, this last matte finish is almost imperceptible, as if the floor was only with wax.

Cabinet Re-facing & Re-finishing

Cabinet refinishing is the most cost effective way of updating your kitchen.  Dream Stone Creations Painting is your top rated cabinet refinishing .  With outstanding painting projects and outstanding customer service.  Change your cabinets into a rich look of an old world finish or a crisp and clean modern finish .  No matter your vision you can have your kitchen cabinets looking amazing for a fraction of replacement costs or refacing costs. 

The Process

They start with a deep cleaning then remove all the grease and dirt from the cabinets, including the front, the back, and the stiles and rails (the vertical and horizontal sides of the frame around the cabinet).
Then also they repair areas that are worn, color-faded, or water-damaged. If needed, they will sand down the doors and frame. Finally remove the old finish and apply two coats of waterborne polyurethane to provide protection and shine. Refinishing can take between one day and a week depending on the size and complication of your cabinets.